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Sara Pedscalny | Integrative Therapist | 15 minute complementary connection session

Sara Pedscany graduated from 6 years of Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies in 2011. Although herbology was her major in school, and is still an aspect of her work and offerings, she has taken on a focus and speciality in Emotional Release Therapies.

She lives from the place of recognizing that each human is uniquely given and/or imprinted with exactly what they need to unfold in what they are here to offer & bring. She has attended 2 separate post secondary schools that encompassed deep and profound wisdom around life as humans, finding one's truth, and living it with the utmost respect and honour of impact on those touched in the process. She feels impassioned to do her part in supporting people to reconnect with their wholeness and unfold in their fullest potential. Leaning in and getting close to the connections of mental, physical, and emotional pains, is a journey Sara would be honoured to support you in. Often saying, "The Medicine is in the Wound" Sara has found so much of her wholeness and personal power by exploring and accepting the shadow aspects of self. This approach is also an integral part of her offerings as a Therapist. The whole picture involves every aspect of self, and when invited, welcomed and respected, all of what makes up an individual also has imperative gifts to add to the tapestry of one's life and living.

To Sara, living a full life means seeing and embracing all the shit and the shiny. It means recognizing that the hurts, wounds and pain have just as much to offer and bring as the bright and positive accomplishments and celebrations. What if you, being in your wholeness, made available the profound and powerful feeling of true belonging?

Click the link below or call 250-929-6116 to book your complimentary 15 minute connection session

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